Tax Extension Time is Coming—Be Prepared

Most Americans are already dreading the upcoming tax filing deadlines, scrambling to get all of the forms and documents in order, and nagging employers and other income sources (as well as the charities they have donated to, for example) for missing information. However, it doesn’t necessarily need to be this way. In fact, your focus may be on the wrong deadline — if you are not behind on your tax payments and you simply need some extra breathing room before you can file all of your tax documents, it is the tax extension deadline that you should think about instead.

Many taxpayers in this country are not aware of the fact that they can get an extension on filing their tax return. Ironically, while millions of people struggle to meet their tax filing deadline, there is an easy, fast, and painless way of putting off your tax filing for up to 6 months. At, we have always been at the forefront of bringing good news to Americans, and we have helped thousands of happy clients extend their filing deadline when tax extension time is here.

Does this mean I don’t have to pay my taxes on time?

Although many of us would like the opportunity to delay paying our taxes by half a year as well, it is of paramount importance to remember that the extension is only given for the filing of your tax return, not for the actual payment of taxes. Thus, if you are certain that you owe the Internal Revenue Service money, you still need to make arrangements to pay the taxes due, even if it’s only the estimated amount. If you pay at least 90% of your tax balance by the original deadline (April 15 for most individuals), you will avoid the IRS late payment penalty. But if no taxes are paid by the proper due date, even with the filing extension granted (and it is usually granted automatically, with no questions asked), penalties and accrued interest will become your unpleasant reality.

Back to the good news

One question that our team at FileLater gets asked quite frequently is whether we also help with state tax extensions, and whether similar tax filing processes exist on the state level. The answer to this question varies from state to state – however, each state does have a filing extension system in place (which may or may not be directly linked to the Federal extension process). Our knowledgeable and friendly staff is happy to provide you with state-specific information to help you out.

The important thing is to remember that if you’ve been paying taxes throughout the year, the dreaded “tax season” should not scare you as much as it does others. Getting a tax filing extension from the IRS is made simple through our online system, which has already helped scores of American taxpayers take this burden off their shoulders. We, at, take pride in being a part of the solution and for helping to alleviate as much stress from taxes as possible.

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