How to Request an IRS Tax Extension

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As we all know, life is busy and unpredictable, and sometimes deadlines are difficult or just plain impossible to meet. If you need a bit more time to file your federal tax return, don’t sweat it.

Here’s a secret: The IRS will never ask you why you are requesting a tax extension for your business or personal return. It’s true! All you have to do is fill out an application correctly and submit it on time, and the IRS will grant you an automatic tax extension. Personal extensions are granted up to six months, while business extensions are either five or six months. Plus, once you submit your application, it only takes on average 24 hours to hear back.

Do It Once

Information on How to Request an IRS Tax Extension

You already know that how to request an IRS Tax Extension is a simple three-step process:

Step One: Fill out an Application

Step Two: Submit Your Application

Step Three: Get Your Results

Then relax! It’s that easy! Unfortunately, like most things in life, the tricky part is getting started. Filling out an application for an IRS Tax Extension may seem like an intimidating process (as most tax forms are notoriously difficult to understand). The good news is that filing a tax extension is one of the easiest tax forms to fill out. Plus, we know all the tax codes and tax jargon, so you don’t have to. We can make your life easier by helping to ensure that your extension application is filled out correctly and submitted on time. We are experts in tax extensions. Visit our website and you’ll have an IRS tax extension in no time.

Save Yourself Money

Here’s why you need to know how to request an IRS tax extension: It will save you money. Depending on your annual income and tax bracket, the IRS’s failure-to-file penalty can amount to a large chunk of change. The IRS charges interest and penalties on all unpaid federal taxes at a rate of 5% per month. Per month! Plus, if you’re really slow to file your tax return, you may be penalized an extra $135 on top of your monthly interest—that is if you take longer than 60 days to file your tax return. There’s more: the IRS will also impose a failure-to-pay penalty (0.5%/month) of the full amount due if you manage to file a return or tax extension, but don’t pay at least 90% of your taxes on time. Believe us, it adds up! Taxes are bad enough, but paying taxes on taxes? That is so much worse.

With our help, however, you won’t have to pay a late filing fee. If you want to request an IRS tax extension, contact us right away. We make filing an IRS tax extension quick, easy, and painless. In the rare case that your tax extension is temporarily rejected, we will help you fix any errors or discrepancies on your form so that you can re-submit it right away and get approved in no time.

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